Even though the idea of being able to create and run your business from the comfort of your own home might sound very appealing, the reality is that it is not easy to do that at all. The process is very demanding and it requires precision and focus to make it work. And if you are someone starting an ecommerce store or converting from a physical store to a digital one, you need to learn about the practical design aspects of designing an online store, while making sure that it follows the latest trends and design standards. To do that, we will help you by showing you 5 of the best ecommerce templates out there that are available to you for free.


This is a template you will want to use if you are in the business of selling bedding, cushions, linens, and other bedroom items. This ecommerce template has been built to feature a minimalistic approach towards product pages and this allows store owners to utilize the extra page space to explain their products in more detail, put pictures and descriptions.


If you are in the clothing and accessories business, then this is the ecommerce template for you. It offers slider functions, interactive sidebars and dynamic product pages, and a well tailored color scheme means that your customers can focus on the products instead of the external elements.


This ecommerce template is an outstanding choice for brands and business that want to promote their shoe products. The front page of the template has been crafted in a way that helps brand promote their product in a very visionary way. Each sales page features a slider that can be used to zoom-in over the photos of your products, which allows your customers to see the products in more detail.

Luxury watches

If you are running a luxury watch business, then you need a template that fits the business and this is just the ecommerce template to do that. The luxury watches template offers a minimalistic black on white look that is both good looking and easy to maneuver for the customers. This template can also be used for selling jewelry and other luxurious items.


This is an ecommerce template that is very sophisticated, yet is used to sell simple items such as glasses, sunglasses and complementing accessories. The product pages on this template allow you to list product information, reviews, product tags, as well as related products and best selling products which allows you to get maximum product exposure.

In the day and age where ecommerce and online shopping are getting bigger and bigger every day, it is definitely the right time to go from a physical store to an ecommerce. Hopefully these suggestions can help you choose the right ecommerce template for your website and help you attract more customers and generate more sales.

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